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About Us


To reach all people with the life changing message of Jesus so that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.


First Pres is a unique and welcoming Christian community for anyone seeking Christian and intentional spiritual growth. With an emphasis on strengthening families, we strive to provide programs and ministries that foster individual growth, enrich marriages, draw nuclear families closer together, and help children to develop and claim their own relationship with Jesus Christ. Our collective prayer is that, with God’s help, we might all reflect the character of God in our homes and in our community.


Small Groups- Through small groups we create relevant, vibrant, and meaningful relationships that are life giving as we share life together.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that worship is the center piece of our faith journey and our aim is to find joy and fulfillment in giving God the honor that only God deserves.
  • We believe that when we look at Jesus, we see God’s best revelation of Himself.
  • We believe that when you look at Jesus on the Cross, the take away is that Jesus’ way to love is unconditional, self emptying, self sacrificing.
  • We believe that Christianity is about a way of life and that others will identify us as disciples of Jesus Christ when we love others as Christ has loved us.
  • We believe that God wants a real, authentic relationship with each of us and that Jesus has provided a way for that to happen.
  • We believe that Jesus meets and accepts us where we are, but He never leaves us in the same place. We die to the old self and rise to new life. And as a rule, He often does something in us before He does something through us.
  • We believe that a full and abundant life is our reward for inviting the Holy Spirit to shape us into more Christ-like disciples.
  • We believe in Spirit-led listening, seeking to understand people rather than trying to judge or change people. Our job is to partner with God as He loves people to wholeness.
  • We believe that small groups provide a place for people to connect and grow and we try to create a safe environment where people can open up and share.
  • We believe that we are more beautiful when we come together. We support each other as fully as possible, and we believe that peace and purity; love and joy, can all exist in a Christ centered Church.
  • We believe every person has God given gifts and passions within them that enable them to partner with Christ in advancing His Kingdom here on earth.
  • We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is real and relevant, active and authoritative. And we believe that the Spirit still speaks to each generation in new and relevant ways.
  • We expectantly believe in the power or prayer and that God can do extraordinary things with ordinary people.